Unbeatable ROI For E-commerce Brands

Our expert knowledge of Facebook & Instagram ads is a given. Our knowledge and understanding of all the moving parts in E-commerce and what makes good creatives is what sets us apart.

We will not:

  • Hand you over to 1 single account manager. 
  • ​Lock you into a 12-month contract.
  • ​Charge a % of ad spend regardless of results.
  • ​Send complicated PDF reports.
  • ​Focus on vanity metrics or deflect responsibility.
  • ​Stay in our lane.

Instead we:

  • Dedicate a team of 3 to each client to cover all of your needs.
  • We’re performance-driven. We focus on profitably generating sales and our pricing model aligns with that.
  • ​We keep our clients constantly in the loop with weekly audio updates, video recordings and group calls every 2 weeks.
  • ​We control both the inputs and the output. This includes filming & editing videos, building & managing campaigns and everything in between.

The 4 Pillars Of The Ascend Accelerator Framework

Brand-new Creatives

Build a bespoke creative strategy and then film, edit and deliver brand-new creatives.

Maximum ROI

Maximize ROI by reallocating spend into the highest-performing areas.

Winning Creatives

Conclude what makes a winning creative for your brand.

Scale Strategically

Introduce new creatives every month based on data to avoid high acquisition costs when scaling.

Want to see if we could do this for your brand?

Grateful to be a part of many journeys, here’s a few:




Spent On Ads


Last Month’s 


Clients Scaled


There is no swanky office or expensive coffee machine, we get paid to deliver results, and that’s exactly what we do. 
Paul Jones
Jack Warren
Chief Marketing Officer
Maisie Poxon
Social Media Manager
Keyona Mustill
Video Editor & Creative Strategist
Yen Durias
Engagement Officer

We’re a small team with a winning mentality and an obsessive attention to detail.

We deliver big results in a 
small amount of time

We Deliver Big Results in a Small Amount of Time


Upful Blends

From Break Even to 8X ROAS in less than 8 weeks

Chantel - Upful Blends
Chantel and the team had struggled with previous agencies in the past, averaging just above break-even at the time of partnering with us.
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In less than 8 weeks we were averaging a ROAS of 8X and have been consistently achieving a ROAS of 7-10X as we continue to scale.
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For Wellness

300%+ Growth in 8 weeks

Greg - For Wellness
When partnering with Greg and the team, the objective was simple; scale aggressively and keep CACs below $120. With a subscription model and LTCV in mind, scaling was a clear priority.

At the point of teaming up, For Wellness were spending $22K per month on ads, with CACs of around $130.
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In less than 8 weeks we have more than doubled spend, spending over $75K per month on ads, now acquiring customers for $100.

We now also manage their Twitter ads.
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Historically ‘not a fit’ for FB ads → 4.52X in 
First Month

Historically ‘not a fit’ for FB ads → 4.52X in First Month

Greg - For Wellness
The team at Nzymes were sceptical, to say the least. They had worked with other agencies in the past, and had never had a good experience, let alone positive ROI.
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In our first month of launching ads, we averaged a 4.52X ROAS and finished the last week of the month on a solid 7.42X ROAS, showing promising signs of consistent week-on-week growth.
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From Negative to 13.84X ROAS in 8 weeks

Sean - Carepod
In the previous 30 days from partnering with Carepod, their existing campaigns were losing money, spending $1.3K and averaging a ROAS of 0.74. 
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Sean and the team at Carepod have big ambitions, and to achieve the level of growth they had planned, they needed to see ROAS averaging 5X+ at a much bigger scale.

In our first 8 weeks of working with Carepod, we had scaled to $7K+ monthly ad spend with an average ROAS of 13.84X.
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